Solo mining is much easier than you thought

Utilize your processor, grahpics cards, or your cell phone to obtain bitcoin.
Direct payments straight to your FaucetHub account.
It's that simple.

Script is VERY easy to use and even doesn't require database. Simply unzip it and upload to your site. Then make some setup in config.json

"Commission" - your profit from 1MH in satoshi. For exmample this is set to 20 and current webminepool rate is 125 - so you are paying 105sat to user and getting 20.

"minimal_payout" - minimal amount of satoshi available to withdraw

"referral" - referral commission in %.

"manual_payouts" - set this to 1 if you want to pay manually, and to 0 if you want to let users withdraw themselves. (1 is highly recommended)

"Fh_api_key" - faucethub API key

"wmp_site_key" - webminepool public site key "https://webminepool.com

"wmp_private_key" - webminepool private key